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Our first responder stress and trauma healing course has been tested and proven effective within the police, firefighter, and EMS communities. How do we reach these communities? Through people like you. Firstline partners with individuals, churches, stations, nonprofits, colleges, and clinicians to bring our courses to cities across the nation.

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Through Firstline, you can offer a PROVEN PATH to healing.

You know them: first responders in need of help. They are your neighbors, friends, and coworkers. They try to keep their heads down and press on, but things are getting worse. They are losing the fire they once had and their optimism is on life support. You want to help, but you don’t know what steps to take. So all you can do is pray and listen.
We understand. At one time we felt the same way. It was that feeling of helplessness that led us to start Firstline. And now, our faith-based stress and trauma healing groups are bringing hope and restoration to first responder families from coast to coast.

You have the will. We provide the way.

We equip you with a powerful collection of resources to help you start, scale, or grow your local efforts. Our pricing model makes it easy to suit your specific group’s needs, and a Firstline coach will walk you through the entire process.



You don’t need a PhD to help first responders and their families – and you’re not alone as you move forward. Firstline coaches are on call to help guide you on how to reach, restore, and train your group members as they move from pain to wellness.
We provide the complete curriculum for our 13 week course. This curriculum has been developed over a period of several years and has been approved by first responders.
We provide a free mobile application that will guide participants through their entire Firstline journey. In the days between weekly meetings, members will use this app to complete activities and challenges to aid in their recovery and healing.
We provide you with customized outreach materials, including posters, business cards, and postcards, in order to help you get the word out about your Firstline course. You can print them out locally or order them through our leaders-only store.

What do we actually teach? Here’s a quick outline of our course objectives and curriculum.


The group was very responsive. If numbers are an indicator alone, then there is truly a need for this in our community.
George Campbell, Woodleaf, NC course leader
I believe this program is going to be a lifesaver for many First Responders.
David Cohen, Birmingham, AL course leader
The curriculum is not so deep that participants get lost and not too shallow that they get bored.
Brad Borders, Woodleaf, NC course leader
I’ve found it’s been very easy to deliver the weekly sessions. We’ve already seen some great participation and people are starting to open up and get really healthy and productive dialogue going.
Ben Piazza, Chattanooga, TN course leader
Some of the people I’ve known for years have opened up about things I never thought they would. This course has been such a blessing not only to the people attending but also to me.
Jody Damron, Stanfield, NC course leader

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