Through FIRSTLINE, first responders and their families are finding renewed purpose and revived optimism.

Our faith-based stress and trauma healing journey is designed to address the spiritual and moral toll that critical incidents take on those within the  law enforcement,  firefighter and  EMS communities. Together, we can see families heal, divorce rates drop, substance abuse decrease and suicide numbers reduced.

First to respond, last to seek help?

Why is it that the first to respond to a crisis are often the last to seek help for their own struggles? We get it. The constant stress. The administrative hassles. Balancing home life with a swing schedule. The anger that sits just at the top of your throat. The numbness and depression that has sunk in now – where life used to be fun, now it just seems like just one long shift. Maybe you would speak up and say something if you didn’t think it would hurt your career. Maybe you’re fed up, frustrated, and discouraged, feeling hopeless and helpless. And maybe you’ve even thought to yourself, “I can’t take it anymore.”

But what if you’ve only been treating part of the problem?

In just a few weeks, life can be better.

Firstline is different. Our courses are led by people who have been there, lived through it, learned from it, and want to help lead others out of it. We are a community of people committed to helping each other heal from the spiritual and emotional impact of daily stress and trauma. You won’t find shortcuts or easy answers but rather solutions that last. Families just like yours are experiencing healing at this very moment. Your healing can start today.

What do we actually teach? Download a sample chapter from our curriculum.


This program was able to put a face on many of the things I’ve felt and experienced during my 22 years in law enforcement. It has been an excellent conversation starter for my wife and I. We now communicate about issues we have not before. I strongly recommend this course whether you think you need it or not.
Todd H.
Firstline is a MUST for any public safety responder. From 911 Dispatch to ER/trauma nurses/doctors and each step between, it’s enlightening. We join this field knowing we will experience trauma but not prepared for the trauma and its fallout when it comes. This course provides the tools needed for future trauma and how to deal with past trauma. . . I wouldn’t hesitate to refer anyone to this course.
Jenelle S.
I can’t say enough about the need for these groups. For the families and for the individuals. Firstline is spearheading the effort to mentor and support people of all walks of life who deal with trauma – and they’re doing it in a big way. . . Firstline is empowering so many people who had resolved to accept pain as normalcy. They’re creating networks of real, lasting, honest support. They’re breaking down barriers. They’re saving lives.
Ryan F.
This course helps not only first responders but their spouses! The group of people that come to this class are in the same boat with you and it's good to know we can talk out loud and feel safe and not judged and just loved! And having God involved was right up our alley! Thank you Firstline!
Nikki M.
Anyone in the public safety field should take this course. If you have been diagnosed with PTSD or not. This will help you ward off PTSD or help you heal if you have PTSD.
Ray P.
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Here are five reasons you should give Firstline a try:

Firstline is led by fellow first responders and spouses.

Our leaders have lived it, learned from it, and want to help lift you out of it. And within our groups, every member is the same – no rank, no uniforms, no titles, and total privacy.

Firstline is for the whole family.

Spouses and families are encouraged to participate. The course is designed to help married couples reopen lines of communication and heal together. We even provide a meal and childcare every week.

Firstline approaches trauma from a different angle.

If your mind and body can be wounded, doesn’t it stand to reason that your soul can be wounded as well? What if that’s the ingredient you’ve been missing in your healing?

Firstline is a course. Not a support group.

Though we do provide support, and we are are a group, we are much more than just a “support group.” You won’t find any rambling or whining in our groups – only productive conversations.

Firstline is faith-based but not preachy.

We don’t hide the fact that it’s a faith-based course. But we’re not pushy about our worldview. No matter your beliefs, you’ll learn proven and practical methods to heal from trauma.

And one more reason to sign up… participation is FREE.

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